Burnin’ It Down (Perm-style)

I don’t think this is what Jason Aldean had in mind with his “Burnin’ It Down” hit.

 Jack, my love, is an enabler. Earlier this month, I had my final birthday before I’m officially old. Jack gifted me an incredible camera, which (he must have known) would only fuel my obsession with photography. He suggested I take photos every day and save only one photo for my portfolio; “Photo of the Day” was born. So far I’ve had a lot of fun on my adventure walks, and captured still photographs that have given me a greater appreciation for nature and life itself. The quality of photos I have preserved for my “Photo of the Day” portfolio have surprised even me (but when you take 200 photos a day, the odds are ever in your favor).

Jack of Most Trades has been supportive of every calculated or crazy decision, hobby, or life adventure I’ve dedicated hours evolving into reality. Jack enables me to be the best obsessive wreck I can be without allowing me to get in harm’s way. Unfortunately, Jack was not there that fateful day 19 years ago. . .

My childhood memories run shallow; there aren’t many details I can remember when it comes to the awkward stage between remembering at all and the moment I emptied my parents’ nest. You will just have to believe me when I say it was most likely my tenth birthday (give or take a year). When I was nine years old, not unlike today, I had long, luscious locks (and a perm). The better part of my tenth year, I did not. My memory again fails me when it comes to the shape or theme of the cake, but the candles burned brightly. I was surrounded by my family and friends who were singing that glorious song; it was ALL FOR ME! When the angelic voices stopped, I closed my eyes and made a wish (probably for boys to like me, even though they never would because I was awkward and homely. And I had a perm). I took a deep breath and leaned forward. . .

The next thing I remember is being rushed to the bathroom and a very loud noise in each of my ears.

I was suffering from sensory overload, “Why are you clapping so close to my head? Why is there black stuff in the sink? Why does it smell like the cat got too close to the BBQ again?”

What I wouldn’t give for this moment to be frozen in time as the October 14, 1995 Photo of the Day.

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