You Can Hurt Steel – PART I


Thor’s rippling muscles, steel-plated abs, and sledgehammer

Since Jack of Most Trades is late getting me his guest blog post, here’s a post about him.

When Jack and I first started dating, I was carrying around a lot of baggage and I distinctly remember telling him I didn’t want to hurt him. He looked me dead in the eye and said, “You can’t hurt steel.” This is around the time I started referring to him as Thor, because quite frankly, that is BAD ASS. All I really knew about the real Thor is he roamed around shirtless, wielding a sledge hammer. This was a fairly accurate representation of what I knew of Jack in the early days.

In December, after years of denial, Jack finally got his wisdom teeth removed. If you have ever had dental work done, you know that a unique type of god awful pain accompanies these types of procedures. The kind of pain I had a feeling would still hurt “steel”.

This was going to be Jack’s first time getting knocked out by anaesthesia and I was sort of looking forward to him showing a little vulnerability.  Jack was concerned about how this chemical cocktail worked and whether or not he would be able to feel anything. I did what any loving wife would do; I told him a second-hand story shared with me earlier that week.

“My massage therapist’s 5 year old son had to get some teeth extracted so they decided to put him out. Her and her husband stayed in the room. Apparently you don’t peacefully fall asleep. There is a good minute or two of arms flailing and fighting against it.”


“But you won’t consciously experience that part. And you won’t feel anything. Even if you do, you won’t remember it.”


“You might puke when you wake up though.”


“Some people don’t have a great reaction to the medication. You will definitely feel groggy and high. You might also feel sick to your stomach. But you’re steel so I’m sure you will be fine. I didn’t throw up when I got my teeth pulled.”

Re-living this situation, I don’t think I would be good at raising kids.

To Be Continued . . .

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