The Big “V”


The Symbol of Peace. Also the letter V in American Sign Language.

What does Lady Leisure do in the middle of winter? She needs a vacation so she goes to Cancun of course!

My obsessiveness found us a wonderful hotel in the Riviera Maya for a great last minute price this January. Surprisingly, Jack agreed to take me.

From the time we started packing our bags until the night we arrived in Mexico, every time one of us thought about it, we would yell out, “MEXICCOO!” We weren’t excited at all. Don’t ask me who started this ridiculous act of childishness. Our plan was to yell it out every time we overheard someone say “Mexico” in normal conversation. Between the margaritas and the food coma, I don’t think we were able to hold up our end of the bargain.

Our second night at the hotel, we danced in the court yard and watched the silver haired couples absolutely NAIL the YMCA. And unlike these couples, we ended up in bed by 830PM. I blame the bottle of champagne lying in wait for us to drink after a long day in the sun. We destroyed it. Let me rephrase that: Jack destroyed it. And then we went for supper. I only realized how destroyed he was when we visited the same restaurant a few days later and he couldn’t remember what we had ordered or where we sat on our previous visit. Something had the give. We had to meet other people.

And we did. The night we met the crew, I was force fed tequila shots at gun point and of course, the wit started flowing. I took the shooters like a champion; Jack had the nerve downplay my skills.

“You’re a big vagina.”

I could have called him names in return. However, I thought I’d take another approach.

“Did you just say I have a big vagina? Well, I guess you would know. You’re right. Everyone, I have a big vagina!”

Jack’s face lit up like a Christmas tree. My job was done here.

If only I would have known we would be hanging out with these people for the rest of the week and these things, the ones you wish could be forgotten, are never forgotten.

The day we left everyone hugged and the boys put their hands in the air with their fingers in the shape of a ‘V’. The “Big V”: sign of the week.

Jack apparently over consumed all week because, again, he had no recollection of this inside joke. ”Why are they giving you the peace sign? Did I miss something?”

“Babe, it’s a ‘V’.”

His confusion was written all over his face.

“V is for VICTORY.”

And what a victorious week it was.

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