Snowshoes and Skidoos

Last post, I urged you to take the time to slow down. How did it feel?

That’s only the tip of the iceberg.

When I told myself to slow down, a lot of other thoughts flooded my mind.

Living on an acreage outside the city and working in a busy industrial area don’t mesh well. They aren’t exactly chocolate fondue. I go from slow to the speed of light in 25 minutes. I often think there HAS to be a way for me to work from home. To lead this simple life that will take me away from the naysayers and the Lightning McQueens, but still be able to live comfortably.

This winter hit us like a wrecking ball. The snow is over my head and it’s not even half over. I have to travel a major highway on my commute and ice has been an issue all season. Have you ever tried driving on an outdoor skating rink? It sucks! If you could drive up next to me with your window rolled down, you could probably hear me constantly praising my studded winter tires for saving my life (somewhere in the middle of me cursing Jacked up Truck Guy tailgating the sh*t out of me and shining his LED headlights in my back window).

As I people watch and overhear conversations, the dominant theme I’ve been hearing is, “Why?”

“Why us?” “Why doesn’t this awful weather stop?” “Why do we live here, why can’t we leave?”

And the logical mind tells us we cannot leave because: we have responsibilities, we need the money, our friends are here, WE ARE COMFORTABLE.

But wait, comfortable? That doesn’t mean we are happy. It doesn’t mean change will make us UNcomfortable.

Risk taking is in everyone’s veins – more in some than others, but we all have the courage to take the leaps of faith and change what is bringing us down. In my case, it’s speed. It’s technology. It’s global warming. That may seem like quite the barrier, but let’s break it down.

Yesterday, we decided to slow down, even just a little bit for a little while. It’s a start. We battled technology by putting it at rest and trying our hand at the “Cyber Praise”. There are many other things that could change here, but for now, let’s tackle global warming.

Wow- now that’s some subject matter! Something we can debate forever. Is it real? Did we humans ruin our planet and climate? Probably, but what’s important right now is how to put my helmet on, keep my head down, and charge at it. Slowly, of course.

Wouldnt it be something to ditch our trucks, throw on our snowshoes, and hit the backyard to hunt and gather. Or create a self-sustaining homestead. What if these were an option? How many of us would seize the opportunity to get away from speed? To wean ourselves off the technological mess that has been engrained in our being.

Im going to hop on my Skidoo and ride off into the sunset. A couple of miles into the woods is my new home- a cabin built and powered by sturdy hands and a wood stove.

This is my dream. You may call it silly and I’m sure not all your thoughts seem logical or as possible as they could be. Dreams are not always fairytales or myths. You can reach them.

Make small changes each day.

Follow your heart and your gut.

Maybe today is a tough one, but never let your dreams out of sight.

Push for it- work alongside a trusty partner.

Do these things and you might see some progress towards your equivalent of Snowshoes and Skidoos.

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