True North Fast and “Me”

Canada- the true North strong and free. Free to rush about everyday life and strong enough to push everyone else to rush until they snap.     

It is true; we are free from wrongful imprisonment and a corrupt governing body. But, some things have a strong grip on us and they are going to keep on squeezing. That’s right- they are technology and urgent haste. This isn’t meant to be an anti-technology rant, just an indication that I’m starting to open my eyes on my world– OUR world, and it isn’t pretty. 

Being a grassroots Albertan, I haven’t travelled much across Canada, so I can’t speak for  other provinces but if I had to guess I would think they are suffering similar to us. In Alberta, we rely heavily on our natural resources. We thrive on oil production and the more quickly this can be managed, the better. 

If we need to get somewhere, we drive  our jacked up trucks and SUVs. We check our hundreds of daily emails in our trucks on our mini computers that never leave our icy grips. 

We not only push our own limits, but those of the opposing party – the bad guys- the people getting in the way of us achieving our manic, hurried dreams. We tailgate, cyber bully, throw everyone else under the bus, because, it’s about me, me, ME! Not you, that’s ridiculous!

An expression my mother used when I was young often comes to mind, “It’s my way or the highway.” We are now taking this to heart. Pushing our own agendas and doing it today– right this instant. If you don’t like it, tough, and while you’re not liking it, we’re going to call you names. We will reject your opposing or even similar ideas; online and behind some sort of screen. 

Hiding behind a screen is like sticking your tongue out behind the opposition’s back and calling them names inside your head. Except, this never caused harm to the opposition.

Look what technology has done to our communication strategies! It gives us a direct route to express what should be hidden deep in our thoughts. Those receiving the communication have the opportunity to receive it instantly. You’ve guessed it – on their phones! Text messaging, email, Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat, the list continues to grow. 

If the electromagnetic frequency wasn’t stressing our bodies enough, add the mindless drivel from hurried gamer thumbs.

Today, I urge you to slow down. Turn the ringer off, or maybe even tuck your phone away for a few hours. 

Add another car length between you and the guy in front of you. 

Cyber PRAISE a stranger or a friend. 

Maybe even stick out your tongue in your hand behind someone’s back. 

As long as you are doing something to slow that train down. It will feel good, I promise. 

Follow me, and next time you will find out my hopes and dreams for a much slower and more simple future. 









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