A BBQ Easter

The barbecue has emerged from its winter hibernation and we shall all rejoice, for there will be less dishes to wash.

We won a trip to Mexico so we decided it was time to whip our butts back into shape. Part of our plan is to cut down on the red meat. What does an omnivore eat after taking meat off the table? Poultry and fish. And, since we live inland, our dream of dining on fresh seafood by the handfuls has been viciously torn away. I never thought I would say this but the chicken is getting tired. There are only so many ways you can dress it up; it’s still chicken. Some nights, I find myself participating in a staring contest with the butterflied breasts. They want fun, flair, to be grilled to perfection and placed on a bed of other delicious eats. I tell them to go cook themselves.

But alas, they do not.

We have demolished every last morsel of barbecued chicken for the past two nights and will probably go for the hat trick this evening. Anyone else have BBQ chicken and yam medallions for Easter Dinner? Didn’t think so.

You know how I know we’re rednecks? The BBQ has taken the place of an old dishwasher on our 2’x2′ front deck where the door hits it every time we leave the house. I’m beginning to understand why the neighbors haven’t welcomed us to the neighborhood. . .

Personally, I prefer yams fried or baked because they have a wonderful sweet flavor that is lost to smoke on the barbecue. Here is the easy BBQ method:

Yam Medallions

Wash and peel 1 medium sized yam.

Cut yam into 1/8″ slices (or thinner).

Toss slices in olive oil.

Grill on top rack of BBQ on medium heat for 7 min.

Flip and grill for 5 more minutes.Finish with a sprinkle of salt.

These little guys can get away from you quickly and burn easily. Keep an eye on
them and if in doubt, use a lower temperature so they cook through. You can
master the art of multi-tasking by grilling your chicken or steak (lucky you)
at the same time.


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